Leslie Griesdorf: Home Repair Tips and Tricks

Now that he’s retired, Leslie Griesdorf devotes a good portion of his time to those activities that keep his mind and body healthy, sharp and performing at their best. An exercise enthusiast and history buff, Griesdorf works out regularly while enjoying any opportunity he can to dive a little deeper into the most pivotal moments of 20th century history.


Retirement also affords Leslie Griesdorf the chance to devote more time into an activity he’s always enjoyed: home improvement. Home repair is something Griesdorf not only enjoys doing on his own, but that provides a certain level of reward and fulfillment; the chance to correct a problem without having to rely or spend money on a professional contractor.


For those who enjoy home repair, here are a couple of simple tricks that can help in a pinch:


Nail Polish as Screw Fastener

For screws that always seem to come loose days or weeks after being screwed back in, a bit of nail polish can serve as a sort of “screw-glue,” better securing the screw in its place well into the future.


Tape as Caulk-Edger

Do you struggle achieving the perfect edge when you caulk a gap along trim or around the bathtub? With some painter’s tape on either side of the to-be-caulked area, you never have to worry about caulking imperfections again. 


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